Why Only 3% Of Sports Bettors Make A Full Time Income!

Regardless of your sports betting experience or success one thing remains the same amongst all budding sports bettors, striving to make a full time living with sports betting!

With sports handicapping sites costing a fortune for their daily and weekly sports betting picks it’s no surprise that those in the know are always the ones that seem to have the edge. Is it luck? Is it skill, or is it a combination of both?

One thing is clear, no one can “luck it” to make a full time income with sports betting, period!

What Separates The Budding Sports Bettor From The Professionals?

There is a good reason why those at the top of their game continue to pull in profits year after year. One thing you need to understand is that professionals approach Sports Betting as a business not something where money is thrown around in the hopes of hitting some hail mary Parlay bet to make an instant fortune.

Simply put, professional sports bettors approach their game like a business. Research, Analysis and Risk Of Ruin are critical to every sports bet that is placed.

How Do The Professionals Do It?

The Sports Betting Professionals like to be tight lipped. One thing is very clear in order to succeed in the long run with Sports Betting discipline is critical, if you lack the discipline stop reading right now!

Becoming a successful sports bettor requires an unbelievable level of discipline There are far too many sports bettors who have the ability to pick winner after winner and yet see their bankroll dwindle away. Does this sound familiar? Many sports bettors have excellent win to loss ratios betting on their favorite sports but yet are losing money consistently!

Your Bankroll And Sports Betting Money Management – How To Bet Not Who To Bet

If I told you that all you needed to do was to be consistent with your bet sizes, place bets and make money in the long run even if you picked less that 50% or even 40% winners would you believe me? Probably not! This is why professional sports bettors are different to recreational sports bettors, they have sound money management systems in place. Imagine more losers than winners and still making money? Sounds far fetched and impossible, it isn’t.

It’s shocking most people will spend 90% of their time trying to decifier who to bet instead of “how to bet them”. Money management is critical and without it you will never be profitable in the longer run, never.

The Sports betting professionals use sports betting systems that are based around proven money management systems. While there are many variations to these systems, such as the 2-6 Straight bet, the 2/3 Straight bet and the 4 Level accumulation it is all based on maths more than the ability to pick more winners than losers!