Sports arbitrage trading

What is arbitrage trading? Arbitrage trading has been around for awhile, but not many people know about it. It has always been to hard for everyone to understand how it works, and how they can always profit from it. Arbitrage trading is a technique that it used to find offsets in sports betting. The difference in the price of the two offsets means a risk free profit for you.

What is sports arbitrage trading?
Arbitrage situations known as “surebets”, “scalps” and “risk free bets, are created every day in the sports betting world. They are a flaw in the betting system which allow you to take advantage of them and earn legal and tax free profits. The difference between the two odds will determine the amount of profit to be made. Sports arbitrage trading is not to be looked at like gambling. Gambling carriers risks. Arbitrage trading is risk free. It is a system where you are trading with two different bookmakers who disagree on the odds and the outcome of the sporting event. No matter what the outcome is. You win risk free. Imagine placing a trade and you always come out on top and never lose regardless of who wins. You are simply trading not betting.

There are many systems popping up all over the internet. Some are good and some are bad. Most of them you need to search for the arbs, which this is very time consuming. Till recently there has been no easy when to find these offsets in sports betting till now. A program named “SureBetPro” has popped up around the internet and people every where are finding out how easy it has become to search for these “surebets” and earn risk free money using the “SureBetPro” software.

Example of how it works:
$500 with bookmaker stan james at odds of 1/1
$400 with bookmaker bet365 at odds of 6/4
The total amount you have traded is $900

If bookmaker stan james wins you get $1,000
If bookmaker bet365 wins you get $1,000

So your profit, no matter who wins, is $100 ($1,000 – $900)