Sports betting revenues hitting high during FIFA World Cup

The soccer World Cup every four years is one of the most popular sporting event not only for the viewers but for the sports betting fans as well. Bookmakers worldwide and on the internet take bets from all over the world. This years FIFA World Cup was no different so far.

An estimated $ 2 billion is wagered by the sports bettors with, countries like England, Italy among the leaders.
The bookmaking agencies’ knowing this is their time to attract a lot of new customers, offer a great selection of betting odds. Creative sportsbooks offer huge selection of odds available for the football fans.

You can choose to place a bet while the game is being played for example, this is called live betting, it gives you a little bit of an advantage by letting you watch the game and based on what you see, making your selection. This is a good way of giving you times to examine if the team you want to bet on is in a good shape or not.

Of course one of the most popular bets is picking the World Cup winner. This year’s big favorite Brazil is still alive, played some great soccer so far. Needless to say sports bettors placed a lots of money on them, approximately 33 % of the bettors selected Brazil as the team to win it all.

If you think you are capable of picking the right result not only for the game, but for the halftime as well, then you should choose the halftime/fulltime double result betting option, although there are much more to choose from if you go this route, the rewards are much higher as well. If we take an example of team A playing team B, here is how some of the odds would look like.

Halftime – Fulltime Odds

A win – A win + 350 – team A leads at the half, and win the game at the end
A win – Draw +850 – team A leads at the half, but the game result in a draw at the end
A win – B win +3500 – team A leads at the half, but team B wins the game at the end

Draw – A wins +500 – after a halftime draw, team A wins the game
Draw – B wins + 380 – after a halftime draw, team B wins the game

The last two are a good choice when you bet on a team who is a heavy favorite, but by betting the win only after a halftime draw, will increase the return on you bet significantly.

Take for example the France – Togo game last week, when the odds for France to win the game was – 500 (meaning for every $ 500 you bet, you win $ 100), but if you placed your wager on the halftime – fulltime event and picked the draw at the half/France for the game the your odds were the much better + 220 (pays $ 220 for every $ 100 you bet)

As we come closer to the end of this event games will get closer and closer, meaning the teams will focus on defense before anything else, that would help the spread bettors, who can bet on the goal difference between the two teams. For example

England -1.5 + 125 – here England has to win at least by 2 goals for your bet to win

Ecuador + 1.5 – 120 – you win here if Ecuador wins, the game is a draw, or they loose by 1

The last game at this years World Cup will be on the 9th of July, when the two best teams will face each other in the Finals in Berlin.