The bet, The rivalry and the lull

Never in the Limbo
If someone get knocked out by his own fantasies, there is a reason why you should believe it; cos’ the FIFA world cup has put on the top gear to spin you round with the first kick of the ball. World cup soccer indeed holds the fantasies that could knock out the merest onlookers. Football doesn’t have to go down the first walls of the hell to reach the limbo for the unworthy act, rather it climbs the ladder to reach the heaven for the act of pure relief it spreads across the faces of the enthusiastic fan. Soccer world cup is hence the ultimate bet where you could risk your entire possessions for the ultimate fun it guarantees. And when the need is to have fun, the venue is set exposed and gilded with all the possible glitters way down the heart of Europe where the cheers have started making themselves heard in Germany.

The weal shall remind
The weal left on the palm when out of the deepest torments you put them together expecting the lone result of Fifa world cup, the first thing red flesh should remind you of is the adventure the game holds outside the field. Soccer world cup has a hidden jackpot in the possibilities football gambling offers. That could more be an official way to earn some bucks; and big bucks indeed. The pleasure that football gambling holds may at times outsmart the greatness of the infield rivalry. The cost you pay maybe worth the curiosity you are at times bound to invest for the so called trivialities of life; and at times the very trivialities could turn out to be passionate affairs to rewrite your destinies solitudes.

When the gene yawns and stretches awake
When the players thus mark the advent of fun and when the fourteen teams exhibit their strength through their world cup soccer jerseys, we feel that there is something in it to carry you off with the colors of the lovely days. They might be vying for the cup, they might be devouring hungrily at each moment till the last when they have to batter their enemies out of the proud shell of victories; but the FIFA world cup still holds the charm that could mesmerize you with mans craving for the game. And after the brief affair with the sullen hostilities, what proudly calms down and settles shall be a sea after the storm where the bet, the rivalry and the lull mixes up into an eventful wait for the next four years when the gene of world cup soccer yawns and stretches awake for a new tryst with colors.